Awards and Events
-Director of the International Millinery Summer-School Ireland 2014
-International guest Tutor at the Millinery Meetup 2014 - Tennessee
-International Guest Tutor at The International Millinery Forum 2014 ,Australia
-International Guest Tutor IMF , Australia ,2012
-A recent recipient of the 2008 HATTY AWARDS 
-Winner of  THE BEST HAT  at the Galway Races 2009
-Milliner to the Best Dressed Lady Galway Races 2011
-THE HAT MAGAZINE- Sinamation, Workroom Process ,Jan-March 2014
-HANDS ON- The Art of Crafting in Ireland,Sylvia Thompson, Liberties press 2012
-GET A HAT LIFE- Jaycow, Joint Publishing HK 2016
-Lina Stein Millinery- Photography by Sadhbh Kenny 2017
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Originally from Australia, Milliner Lina Stein has been based in Westport, Ireland for many years. For more than two decades she has been creating amazing hats and is recognized as a leading light in the international world of Millinery. Through the flamboyant and extravagant creations, her presence signals an explosive dynamic that is diverse and exposes her to new experiences, people and places.
In 2007,she decided that the time was right to open the door on the world of Hat Making and share her knowledge about the traditional art of Millinery with “hat-enthusiasts” from the world over.
Through the innovative Master classes that take place in her “bijou” studio,she has inspired countless novice Milliners from both Ireland and abroad to take up the thimble, needle & thread and to try their hand at something new, exciting and inspirational whilst enjoying every moment.
Living on the western periphery of Europe has been a major source of inspiration,which has led Lina to develop new and varied methods of working with traditional and modern materials.
The most innovative teaching methods take elements of the everyday and banal and turn them into the most beautiful of creations. Her masterclasses and Millinery Summer Schools encourage the participants to open their minds, collaborate, connect, and create millinery magic.
Stein's successful teaching techniques, give her students the confidence to set up  enterprises, participate in International Millinery Competitions or simply strut their stuff at the races.
Millinery Events National and International
-Guest-tutor at the International Millinery Forum in Australia both in 2012 and 2014
-Millinery Master Classes in the USA 2014
-Millinery master Classes in Germany
-Millinery Master Classes Spain 2014 & 2015
-Millinery Masterclasses in Australia 2016
She has worked with leading international hat making connections from around the globe and established Ireland's Premiere Millinery Education Event
The Lina Stein International Millinery Summer School.
First held July 2014 in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland, this is an annual forum that offers both students local and international /past and present the opportunity to expand and learn from the best and brightest millinery minds in the world that come to the west of Ireland to share their much sought after hatty skills!
Lina's background in "Classic theatrical Millinery" has provided her with the unique expertise to unite traditional hat-making know-how with modern design, creating hats of great sophistication and clean lines.
Her education has brought Lina around the world from Sydney - Australia, where she spent 2 years training in TAFE and under the watchful eyes of leading Australian Milliners, to the pretty sea-side town of Westport, where she currently lives, teaches and works.

Creativity is the ultimate fusion of contradictions that surround us
It comes from within, from the mind and soul,
It reaches into the past and grows into the future.
It takes elements of the everyday and turns them into the most beautiful of creations
 Lina Stein Millinery...